To Whom it may concern,

Coming out is hard. The struggle is ongoing, a part of daily life; whether to a new friend, a co-worker, or most importantly, yourself, coming out never ends. It's a personal journey, but for us, it was a shared experience. Our Arabic mother not only gave birth to what she calls one “regret”, but two. When you come out, some mothers cry. Some moms offer a hug. Our mom threw holy water at us.

Pray the Gay Away is a 67,000-word memoir hilariously and poignantly exploring what it’s like growing up as gay, Iraqi twins in modern America. Pray the Gay Away was inspired by the night Mom (American name, Amy) snuck into our bedroom and force fed us “holy grapes” she had blessed by a priest, determined to “de-gay” us. This book follows the eccentric coming out story of Iraqi twin brothers, Michael and Zach, as we face awkward sexual encounters, drug-fueled escapades, coming out to each other, and their biggest foe, Mom.

We are currently in the process of transitioning the manuscript into a traveling stage play with one of the largest LGBTQ entertainment producers, Murray and Peter Presents, who are eagerly awaiting publication of the book. We have been working as signed models in New York, and have worked in the entertainment industry as actors in three television pilots for Vh1, MTV and Fox. Our mission is to normalize gay rights for minorities, with the help of our rising social media presence across all platforms.

We are new voices speaking out against generations, particularly within the Iraqi culture, who look down on being gay. This book is not only for the LBGTQ community, but for young adults, both American and Iraqi, looking for a good laugh, watching our comedic and tragic struggles from the outside in.

Michael & Zachary Zakar (Zakar Twins)