Chapter 1: Alice in Wonderland
Zach, 16

            The door is chipping away; it needs a fresh coat of emerald paint to replace the patches of bright rust that consume it. The entrance is beaten up, each scratch and dent seems to symbolize my pain and confusion. The last time I was at this park, I had a grape flavored Slurpee thrown at me by an ex-girlfriend.
            My mind races with what awaits on the other side: Wonderland or the demise of everything that has ever made sense in my existence. I always found myself to be a lot like Alice, a dumb blonde who looks great in powder blue.
            Children run by, startling me.
            Breathe. They don’t know why you’re really here.  
            The kids run out of sight onto the soccer field. My tightly-clenched fists grow clammy but I cannot ease the intensity.  
            The sun beats harshly down as I stare mindlessly at the door. The temperature of my scalp increases exponentially with every second I hesitate. But it is the sun or lies that burn my mind. The lies keep growing, even I can’t keep up with the string of deceit I have created. 
            The deceptions cause a major drift between my twin brother, Michael and I. The only way I could keep my double life going was to start a fight with Michael, like fighting a mirror. I told him he’s the ugly twin, even though we are identical. We could be mistaken for conjoined twin. We are closer than close, but something in me is changing. The only way to experience Wonderland was following this bunny hiding in the bathroom.
             As I advance toward the door, my knees quiver, my thighs twitch. My entire body is immobilized– I could be mistaken for a statue that someone delivered and left at the door.
            I feel as if I am on the verge of a stroke. I quickly realize that it’s not a stroke, but a text coming from my powered blue shorts. I pull out my vibrating phone:
                         “U coming?”
No pun intended I’m sure.
            The two words make my breathing ever the more labored. I bet Michael can sense my hesitation.