Zakar Twins – Vertical Photo Collage

Few things are as compelling as a good story, and the Zakar Twins have mastered the art of storytelling, Pray the Gay Away focuses on key issues in today’s society. The memoir chronicles Michael’s and Zach’s coming out to their mother who is a devout Christian who is also extremely devoted to the family’s Middle Eastern values and heritage. The book takes a comedic look at the brothers’ journey from awkward teenagers fighting against societal stereotypes in post 9/11 America, to living separate lives while recognizing sexual and emotional feelings for other boys, to rejoining their relationship when they come out to each other and to finally facing the future together in a world where gay is still a bad word and coming out to their mom shattered and reformed their family and religious values.

The Zakar Twins have made several appearances and have been interviewed in several publications as they promote their advocacy for LGBT rights, which they believe start with the individual and the individual’s journey. Each member of the LGBT community contributes in their own unique way facilitating the cause to reach its goal of open-mindedness and equality. They have appeared in almost every gay magazine in North America since 2015, including OUT Magazine, Instinct, the Gay Letter. They have appeared on Comedy Central and interviewed by other independent stations on their unique story in the hopes of normalizing LGBT POC.

Pray the Gay Away has been self-published by Michael and Zach and is selling on Amazon (#1 LGBT release its first day) and online on Barnes & Noble as the brothers start their national book tour.