Who are we?

We are twin brothers, who dropped out of the Film program at Wayne State University. We model. We have our own YouTube channel, and now we’re focusing on acting, book and script writing.

Where are you two from?

Born and raised in Michigan.

Who’s older?

Michael, by 27 Minutes.

What’s your ethnicity?


What’s Pray The Gay Away?

Pray The Gay Away is our bestselling memoir that explores the challenges of us coming out. Now, two years later it’s been developed into a hilarious off-Broadway play.

Are you playing yourselves in the play?

Of course!

Is PTGA available on Audiobook?


What’s You Can’t Pray the Gay Away?

YCPTGA is a short, free e-book geared toward parents who are struggling with their LGBTQ children.

Is the show, Pray The Gay Away, going to be world-wide?

We are planning a 2020 tour, but the world premiere will be in Fort Lauderdale for Summer 2019.

Are we working on another book?

We have 3 more books planned to come out in the distant future, one project at a time!

Who’s the cuter twin?

Zach says him.

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