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Best-selling MemoirComes to Off-broadway

“Pray the Gay Away” tells the story of Michael and Zach coming out to their mother who is a potty-mouthed, gay-hating, devout Catholic. The play takes a comedic look at the brothers’ journey from awkward and closeted teenagers to sexually active men who are out and proud. (And just because they are gay twins, please don’t ask if they have ever……….!)

As the story develops, Mom goes on her own journey from an ultra-conservative Catholic to a woman making her own rules. A collection of outrageous characters help the Twins navigate the twisted paths of their first hook-up, creating a Grindr profile, discovering they accidentally slept with the same man, dating, jail, and of course the Bible!

Murray & Peter proudly present the world premiere of this courageous and hilarious new play coming to your city soon.

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Fort Lauderdale

located at:
Broward Center for Performing Arts
201 SW 5th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312
Show Dates:
  • Thursday, August 22

  • Friday, August 23

  • Saturday, August 24

  • Sunday, August 25

  • Thursday, August 29

  • Friday, August 30

  • Saturday, August 31

  • Sunday, September 1

  • Thursday, September 5

  • Friday, September 6

  • Saturday, September 7

  • Sunday, September 8

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located at:
Cowles Center
528 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55403
Show Dates:
  • Thursday, September 12

  • Friday, September 13

  • Saturday, September 14

  • Sunday, September 15

  • Thursday, September 19

  • Friday, September 20

  • Saturday, September 21

  • Sunday, September 22

  • Wednesday, September 25

  • Friday, September 27

  • Saturday, September 28

  • Sunday, September 29

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